"Det glömda modersmålet". Nordisk Salong, Dunkers kulturhus, Helsingborg, Sweden 2014/10/24

Test hanging in Elisabeth Moritz atelie - click image for more photos
"Det glömda modersmålet" ("The Forgotten Mother Tounge") is an soundinstallation by Elisabeth Moritz. The installation includes a new composition by Jakob Riis, commisioned by - and based on the ideas of Elisabeth Moritz.

The installation "Det glömda modersmålet" was chosen by a jury to be included in the exhibition "Nordisk Salong 2014" at Dunkers kulturhus in Helsingborg, Sweden. The opening will be on friday, october 24th 18:00-20:00, and the exhibition will be open from 25 october 2014 - 15 january 2015.

All sounds in this work are generated from a recording of E. Moritz mother reading the text "Die Vergangenheit als Gegenwart" by Martin Walser, where the melodic and harmonic structure of the lullaby "Wiegenlied" by Franz Schubert are shining through, and creating a framework for choosing sinusoidal tracks to follow in a re-synthesis of sounds generated from the recording. The composition is presented in an 8 channel soundsystem with specially designed loudspeakers.

Thanks to JC Morrison for invaluable input on the loudspeaker construction.