Rröd Bastard Ensemble + guests2020/8/20

Forsamlingshuset 5e
Slagtehusgade 5E, 1715 København V

Jørgen Teller - el-guitar
Manoj Ramdas - el-guitar
Oda Mathilde - cello
Lennart Ginman - double bass
Anne Andersson - trumpet
Carolyn Goodwin - bass clarinet
Claus Højensgård Andersen - trumpet
Nils Gröndahl - violin
Jakob Riis - trombone

The premiere perfomance with Rröd Bastard Ensemble took place with a breathtaking live recording concert november 2019 at H15 studio. The music are based on Teller's experience with his Real Red Bastard - e red 5 string Höfner Galaxy.

For this concert the ensemble will be enlarged with 5 outstanding musical guests; two trumpets, trombone, violin and bass clarinet. Several new compositions will be premiered with this special setting.

Guitars, horns and bowed string instruments will change effects and timbre will change continiously, with a movement towards a tutti where single soloists will carry the phrases into a dazzling light. The musical style draws inspiration from Alessandro Cortini's fuzz-synth-arpeggios, vamps, fading and large spaces.

The concert will be recorded for a release later this year.

Doors 20:30
On stage 21:30
Entrance fee: 120 DKK

Arrangeret by 5e and Alteration with support from Slots- og Kulturstyrelsen's aktivitetspulje