New Album out now: "Traces of Oblivion". Ole Lützow-Holm, Stefan Östersjö, Jakob Riis2021/4/2

Footprint Records is proud to present our new album Traces of Oblivion, featuring classical guitarist Stefan Östersjö and free-form electronic wizard Jakob Riis.

Stefan Östersjö - 11-stringed alto guitar
Jakob Riis - electronics

Track list
1.circular patterns4:43
2.revisited and inspirited1:04
3.fragments of an imagined music8:14 the end perhaps even lost3:16
5.beneath a porous veneer1:45
6.discrete articulations1:10
7.vigilantly awake10:36
8.adrift and deserted6:54
9.memories of the forgotten5:37
10.a disappearance through erosion2:54

The music borders between improvisation and composition, created in a collaboration between composer Ole Lützow-Holm and Stefan Östersjö. Originally written for Östersjö’s 11-stringed alto guitar, this piece of music has been expanded and developed like a Pandora’s box, with twists and turns over the course of several years. Traces of Oblivion is not a traditional composition with a beginning and end, but rather an archive of sketches and score pages with electronic and acoustic sound recordings. Östersjö and Riis have created a truly singular album based on these raw materials. With careful processing of the guitar’s acoustic sound, strands and traces are woven in twirling arabesques, interrupted by explosive disruptions and ethereal reflections.

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