Ear Sound Scape VII2023/4/15

Saturday, April 15th, 15:00BIBLIOTEKET, Rentemestervej 76, Copenhagen NV

In this 7th edition of "Ear Sound Scape", we are proud to present electroacoustic compositions and soundscapes by composers from Canada, Denmark, and Sweden.

Compositions in both multichannel and ambisonic formats, are presented in a spatial, and acousmatic consert in a 10 channel loudspeaker orchestra

The world-premier of a new soundscape, "Absent Near Dawn" by the Canadian composer Darren Copeland, and an acousmatic interpretation of Lisa Stenberg's composition "Zone", alongside two works by Ear Sound Scape regulars: the premiere of "In and Out of Here" by Jørgen Teller, and "Hemmaglöd" by Jakob Riis.


Zone - by Lisa Stenberg
Absent Near Dawn - by Darren Copenland
In and Out of Here - by Jørgen Teller
Hemmaglöd - by Jakob Riis

Absent Near Dawn (Dec 2021 - June 2022) 2023 - 28:17

This new composition is part of Darren Copeland’s ongoing series of soundscape pieces “The Absent Listener”. Pieces in this series are derived from continuous soundscape recordings made on a 14-acre rural residential property in Lount, which is an unincorporated township located 40 KM from the northwestern edge of Algonquin Park (Ontario, Canada). The property has mixed forests with a variety of Maple, White Pine, Cedar, Spruce, Tamarack and Birch trees. It borders on a lake, and a creek, and has a mixture of rocky and swampy terrain. It is also 20 KM from a highway. This distance limits the road noise audible in the soundscape to only local vehicle traffic.

The recordings are made continuously and unsupervised save for battery changes and maintenance visits every two days. The recording process is done in this way so that the presence of the recordist has as little influence as possible on the sound-making of people, animals and insects. Recordings are made with two DPA 4060 lavalier omni-directional microphones mounted in a boundary configuration that are occasionally augmented with an Aquarian Audio hydrophone and LOM geophone.

Absent Near Dawn is based on recordings that happened within one hour before or after daybreak. They are arranged in a chronological sequence of recordings every 4 to 6 weeks between December 2021 and June 2022. All of the recordings retain their original character, pitch, speed and spatial imaging. Multiple recordings are overlapped throughout the piece in order to condense and arrange them for multi-channel concert presentation.

Zone - Lisa Stenberg

Zone is based on field recorded material performed at subarctic latitudes, here in an adaption for the 10-channel loudspeaker orchestra.

"In and Out of Here" - a study by Jørgen Teller

A 6 part sound-piece based on spatialised recordings of live actions in a circular 8-16 speaker system. JT used soundfield microphones - in a tetrahedral 4 mike set-up - both for recording of sound actions and later for the final creation of the ambisonic 1st order sound-file.

The aim of this study is to spatially explore the inherent timbres of a copper-plate and the frame of a grand-piano - played with a contact-mike as plektrum. Thus hinting at steps of dance shoes running around in and out of your skull.

A short intro features a montage of synths, palmas, tetrahedral recordings of objects and field-recordings from a visit to Cádiz 2022.

Created at EMS and Inkonst 2023.

"Hemmaglöd" - 10′44″ - by Jakob Riis

An electro-acoustic composition investigating sounds from everyday home-electronics, and sounds from other acoustic and electronic devices found in the apartment.

For this performance the 16 channels of the composition are explored through 5th order ambisonic spatialazation, rather than traditional diffusion, in the large acousmonium.

Premiered at "Glowing Electronics Festival", Östra Hoby 2022.

Darren Copeland
is a Canadian sound artist who has been active since 1985 and currently lives outside of the village of South River, Ontario, Canada. His work includes projects exploring multichannel spatialization for live performance, fixed media composition, soundscape composition, radio art and sound installations. His fixed-media compositions are published by empreintes DIGITALes. Darren Copeland is the Artistic Director of New Adventures in Sound Art (NAISA) in South River.

Lisa Stenberg is a swedish composer known to create immersive sonic spheres. Her music oscillates in the realm of instrumental and electroacoustic music, often drone-based characterised by slowly changing sustained and layered sound. Interested in perception and initiating intensified listening situations, the work of Lisa is often site-specific and presented in rare buildings and spaces with specific acoustic properties and settings.

Jørgen Teller has a long career as electric & acoustic guitarist, vocalist, electronic musician and performer, as well as composer of numerous eletro-acoustic, and multichannel works. He released many records solo and w. Jørgen Teller & The Empty Stairs. He also co-labed / performed w. many danish and international players

Jakob Riis is an electro-acoustic musician and composer, working extensively with loudspeaker-orchestras and multichannel compositions, as well as improvisation and electronic real-time processing of both acoustic and electronic instrumentalists. Since the mid-nineties he has dived into the experimental musical scenario developing personal, digital computer-based-, as well as analogue tools for his work on integrating electronic and acoustic musical idioms.