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De Heney/Ericson & Riis/Lindsjö2021/12/5

Galleri Ping Pong
St. Nygatan 4, Malmö
Sunday, december 5th, 16.00

Nina De Heney - double bas
Sture Ericson - saxophone, clarinet

Jakob Riis - laptop
Anders Lindsjö - guitar

Entrance fee, SEK 70

De Heney/Ericson
Nina has distinguished herself as one of the main exponents of contemporary improvisation on double bass. With a broad musical reference as a starting point, she has formed a personal expression, with great sensitivity to the situation in the present. She has manifested this in countless international collaborations.
Sture, who is based in Copenhagen, and thus close to a local cat, is on a long musical journey of discovery. In addition to various regular bands such as The Electrics, Bagman (Pat Thomas and Raymond Strid), he has experienced and been inspired by a myriad of Ad Hoc meetings.
Both musicians stretch the instruments tonal possibilities with various techniques and preparations combined with more conventional playing.
A meeting that they both have had on their wish list for a long time - A Playground For Two!

Jakob Riis and Anders Lindsjö are making a comeback as a duo. Carrying the luggage of the two previous duo records, WRRP and TACK!, these gentlemen meet again in their typical setting where Riis collects, manipulates and modulates his colleague's sound and music. Together it will be a journey to the outer edge of our flat earth.

Jazzpool NRW - "Ganz unten, oben im Norden"2021/11/4-7

Tour, Germany 4-7 november 2021

Wolfgang Schmidtke and Peter Weiss presents the latest project of the Jazzpool NRW - “Ganz unten, oben im Norden”, for which they have put together a first-class ensemble of seven musicians. Three of the musicians comes from the far north, where the sun is known to stay low - which explains the title in a playful way.

The core of the project is to re-explore the relationship between composition and improvisation. Two forms are to be exemined: First, the classical jazz composition, which consists of a continuously repeated and improvisationally varied theme and mostly follows the form of the rondo - ending where it began. And second, the completely free improvisation, which unquestionably arose from the urge to leave the constantly rotating rondo. In the project “Ganz unten, oben im Norden”, the musicians practice a way of dealing with form that contradicts clichés. Compositional elements not going around in circles and still relating to improvisation in terms of ideas and form.

Improvisation within a determined framework with the greatest possible freedom, offering musical direction and form.

Stephan Meinberg - trumpet, euphonium
Jakob Riis - laptop/live processing
Lotte Anker - saxophone
Jan Klare - saxophone
Wolfgang Schmidtke - soprano saxophone, bass clarinet, tenor saxophone
Dieter Manderscheid - double bass
Peter Weiss - drums


4. November 2021 - ORT, Peter Kowald Gesellschaft/Ort e.V., Luisenstraße 116, Wuppertal, 20:00
5. November 2021 - Schleswig-Holstein-Haus Schwerin/Saal, Puschkinstraße 12, Schwerin, 20:00
6. November 2021 - Black-Box: cuba, achtermannstraße e.V. Achtermannstr. 10 - 12, Münster, 20:00
7. November 2021 - Kulturzentrum Pelmke e.V., Pelmkestr. 14, Hagen, 14:00

Funded by Ministerium für Kultur für Wissenschaft des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen

Det kommer främmande - The Barrier Orchestra - Live at Folkhemmet, Ö Hoby.2021/6/13

1. Video from the livestream of the concert june 11th, 2021, 19:00 @Folkhemmet, Ö Hoby.


2. Video from the livestream of the concert june 12th, 2021, 12:00 @Folkhemmet, Ö Hoby.

Det kommer främmande - The Barrier Orchestra2021/06/11+12

Friday june 11th 19:00
Saturday june 12th 12:00
Folkhemmet, Hoby Kyrkplan 6, 276 36 Borrby

A performance concert where the composition follows a chain of events arising from the swedish expression ”det kommer främmande” (we will have guests/strangers). These events are shaped in different figurations, both musically, in pictures, in film and in the staging.

Performance IRL at Folkhemmet and simultaneous livestreaming at https://schhh.se

The Nordic Barrier Orchestra concists of 12 musicians and artists from various areas like classical music, electronic, improvisation and sound art.

Petri Kuljuntausta, el. guitar (FI)
Mikko Raasakka, clarinet (FI)
Linn Persson, saxophone (SE)
Jakob Riis, trombone, live-elektronics (DK/SE)
Anna Lindal, violin (SE)
Hanan Benammar, violin (FR/NO)
Lise-Lotte Norelius, percssion , live-elektronics (SE)
Jørgen Teller, el. guitar (DK)
Ann Rosén, composer, live-elektronics (SE)
Fabian Svensson, composer, melodica (SE)
Gunnel Pettersson, performative visuals (SE)
Sten-Olof Hellström, composer, sound and image direction (SE)

Tickets: 200 kr
Students: 50 kr
Booking: https://schhh.se/biljettbokning/

Presented by Schhh - Vardagsrummet: https://schhh.se/det-kommer-frammande/

Halsterfest 20212021/6/5

Halster and guests celebrates the release of Virtuous Mondays with an acoustic challenge

Since 2008 the guitar trio Halster from Malmö, have met more or less every monday to play freely improvised musik. During the years a long list of musicians have visited the open sessions. Before the 10 years anniversary of this they decided to document this project and recordad a number of sessions with the various musicians visiting these monday sessions.

Finally, in december 2020, the 5 CD-box "Virtuous Mondays" was released on Konvoj Records. In collaboration with FrimSyd halster presents an evening of freely improvised music in Lokstallarna in-discourse studio in Malmö. The programme reflects the CD-box, where number of musicicans from the region are invited and grouped in new constellations.

The evening starts and ends at in-discourse studio, where the audience will be guided to the intermediate concerts where the sound and acoustichs of the breathtaking main hall are explored in various constellations.

18:30 – 18:45 Doors opens at in-discourse
19:00 – 20:10 Conserts 1, 2 and 3 (Lokstallerna/main Hall)
20:10 – 20:30 Guidad walk to in-discourse
20:30 – 21:15 Konsert 4 (in-discourse)

Anders Lindsjö, guitar. Mattias Nihlén, synth. Adam Persson, guitar. Nana Pi Aabo Larsen, tenor saxophone. Knut Finsrud, drums. Martin Küchen, saxophone. Jon Lipscomp, guitar Herman Müntzing, electronics. Johannes Nästesjö, double bass. Ola Paulson, saxofon. Jakob Riis, trombone and electronics. Ola Rubin, trombone. Anders Uddeskog, drums. Erik Almgren, record players. Kristian Nihlén, light.

Saturday, June 5th, 2021, 14:00 in-discourse/lokstallarna, Södra Bulltoftavägen 51G, Malmö

Halsterfest 2021 are presented by FrimSyd in collaboration with Halster and Konvoj Records, with support from Kulturrådet och Malmö stad.


New Album out now: "Traces of Oblivion". Ole Lützow-Holm, Stefan Östersjö, Jakob Riis2021/4/2

Footprint Records is proud to present our new album Traces of Oblivion, featuring classical guitarist Stefan Östersjö and free-form electronic wizard Jakob Riis.

Stefan Östersjö - 11-stringed alto guitar
Jakob Riis - electronics

Track list
1.circular patterns4:43
2.revisited and inspirited1:04
3.fragments of an imagined music8:14
4.in the end perhaps even lost3:16
5.beneath a porous veneer1:45
6.discrete articulations1:10
7.vigilantly awake10:36
8.adrift and deserted6:54
9.memories of the forgotten5:37
10.a disappearance through erosion2:54

The music borders between improvisation and composition, created in a collaboration between composer Ole Lützow-Holm and Stefan Östersjö. Originally written for Östersjö’s 11-stringed alto guitar, this piece of music has been expanded and developed like a Pandora’s box, with twists and turns over the course of several years. Traces of Oblivion is not a traditional composition with a beginning and end, but rather an archive of sketches and score pages with electronic and acoustic sound recordings. Östersjö and Riis have created a truly singular album based on these raw materials. With careful processing of the guitar’s acoustic sound, strands and traces are woven in twirling arabesques, interrupted by explosive disruptions and ethereal reflections.


Listen and buy here: @ProStudioMasters, @iTunes, @Spotify